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Technologies: Typescript, React, Node.js, Postgres


Note: We don’t expect you to know all the technologies; rather, we expect you to learn and cultivate a strong engineering culture.

At Ethworks, we:

- invest in ourselves, expanding our knowledge and skills

- work with cutting-edge blockchain technologies

- build open-source tools used by hundreds of projects

- cultivate a strong engineering culture

How about working in a young, dynamic team, with a competitive salary, great benefits... ugh… Instead of that, let my colleagues explain you why they work here:

 Bartek (Full-Stack Developer): 

Because I wanted to do the blockchain. Now, I am already used to high-quality code. It is kinda hard to find another company like that.

 Paweł (Designer): 

Because I do something else than the 56th online store or 64th ecommerce in my career. I was looking for more interesting projects and found them here.

 Jagoda (Head of Operations): 

Because of the great atmosphere and the opportunity to grow. I get loads of challenging tasks, so I’m never bored.

 Dmytro (Full-Stack Developer): 

The atmosphere is awesome, and the projects are exciting. Also, the quality of our engineering is very high. 

 Piotr (Team Leader): 

I wanted to land a new job to do something connected with the blockchain. I messaged Ethworks, got in and stayed. It’s a great place to be.

 Marek (CEO): 

I think it’s cool to work with emerging technologies that have the potential to grow. I didn’t find any company where I could work with them the way I wanted in the country. That’s why we created Ethworks.

If you join our team.... will be working on one the most interesting blockchain projects for a foreign client. As we leave a low amount of bugs in our code, there is no need to spend time on debugging and bug fixing, so most of the project timeframe, you’ll focus on new features. All this in small (2-4 devs) teams using lightweight agile/lean methodologies.

To create code that is fun to work with, we use pair programming, unit and integration tests, and code reviews. The team is responsible for choosing technologies, conventions and we work with loosely coupled architectures.

To make it happen, we look for an engineer:

  • with more than 2 years of experience in commercial projects
  • who would like to participate in blockchain projects and develop his skills toward blockchain technology
  • who wants to cultivate strong engineering culture
  • with strong fundamentals in algorithms, databases, design patterns, automated testing, refactoring and continues delivery
  • experienced in working on software architecture and design
  • practice test driven development
  • with minimum B2 level of English skills

You’ll also score additional points with us if you:

  • done any work related to formal verification
  • know something about Solidity, Ethereum, Blockchain
  • have experience with blockchain technology 
  • graduated Technical University in Computer Science or related field

In exchange, we’ll give you: 

  • base salary depending on your skills and experience: 14,000 - 22,000 PLN + VAT (B2B) 
  • salary increase as you develop your skills and take more responsibility
  • the choice is yours - work remotely or in an awesome office (right next to a metro station)!
  • and of course little things that make a difference: flexible working hours, individual english lessons, private medical healthcare, office parties, the best equipment (Apple!) and more